It all started when I was a child. Surrounded by many antiques, with many stories. Nostalgia was my friend and now is reflected in my art. I started to collect old, broken instruments when I was 21. I was very fascinated by their energies. I acquired a broken old upright piano from the 1920's when I lived in Charlotte. The piano was too tall to fit up my staircase, so I took it apart and realized the anatomy of a piano is much like ours; the heart, the mind, the organs, and lifelines that run through it. I kept the porcelain keys in a box, knowing one day they would be a part of masterpiece. And that’s how it all started. One piano and a small apartment....

Most of the instruments found me; almost like they knew I was going to adopt them and simply had to find their way to me. They are old souls that remember their glory days; playing the night away at the jazz cabaret, a hot note on the cello, lips dancing the blues on a saxophone and the wood of a piano embodying the heart ofits player. I bring back their charisma and life of who they were. Nothing has died, but has found another form of beauty… My Art

The journey of making this art has been the most amazing solitude any artist could dream of. Taking apart an old instrument and recreating it, is a rebirth. I like to think of my art as Recycle, Recreate. ”Making the music go around”. Music is the inspiration of life; I want to keep the broken music players living on through art.

Colleen Galeazzi talks about her inspiration for musical art as a medium and her influences growing up.